Aviation Accident Services


Top 10 Reasons to choose Aces Aero


  1. Aviation flight experience - Diversified aviation background including the USAF, a major airline, and in a variety of general aviation aircraft to include experimental aircraft and seaplanes.  Current and qualified FAA flight instructor.  Owned and operated an experimental aircraft for 11 years.
  2. Accident investigative training and experience - Trained in the USAF as an accident investigator and safety officer by the Southern California Safety Institute plus real-world experience investigating military and civilian accidents to include unmanned aircraft.
  3. Accident Consulting - provided accident consulting to lawyers and insurance companies. Experience gathering Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information and data from a variety of government sources. 
  4. Nationwide experience - Flown throughout the country as a general aviation pilot in light aircraft and globally in the military and airlines to include floatplane flying in Alaska to back country flying in Idaho and The Rockies to engaging the enemy in an F-16 over the deserts of Iraq to landing an airliner in inclement weather in mountainous terrain in a foreign country.
  5. Teamwork - investigated accidents as the mishap board president and as the investigative officer. Experience providing consulting to accident boards.
  6. Network - advanced network in the aerospace industry to include companies, publishers, the FAA, AOPA, EAA, and the FAA Safety Team. 
  7. Unbiased and fair - an opinion that is unbiased and completely fair and true with the utmost integrity on the subject backed by reliable sources. 

  8. Attention to detail - thorough investigation with a complete analysis. 
  9. Fiscal responsibility with details - itemized and detailed estimation. Any changes will be fully communicated and approved by the client.  
  10. Proven track record - unblemished record of solid performance in an aviation career spanning over 30 years.